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How credible is our 4Ps Methodology?

" NEPCO have had a unique experience with Modern Managers consulting services. We certainly hope for further cooperation with Modern Managers, since their modern approach is really appreciated." Dr. Ahmad Hiyasat, National Electric Power Co.  Managing Director - Amman

"I want to express my deep thank for Modern Managers Consulting and Development team for the great results my company could get after implementing MMCD Competency Based Human Capital Solution. I could not imagine such results for 1000 employee organization in such short time." Dr. Jamal Hammad – CEO, American Department Stores - Amman

"Modern Mangers is very professional and customer oriented; you have excellent professional consultants with excellent international level skills. The great methodology has been used in implementing our development program has been very useful; many thanks." Abeer Altal - Services Manager - British Council-Amman

“Thank you so much for sending us the Technical and Financial proposal of Quality Assured – Centralized Project Management System by Modern Managers... We believe it will help us in enhancing our project management practices..., I would like to thank you again for your great efforts in analyzing and studying our internal capabilities, as well as I would like to wish your esteemed company all the best…. “  Eng. Derar Almanaseer  -  Advisor to the Minister for Organizational Development and Restructuring - Ministry of Public Works and Housing-Amman.

Our Methodology - MMCD 4Ps

Being implemented successfully in almost all sectors, public and private, we adopt very simple, straightforward, comprehensive and systematic consulting methodology, we call it MMCD 4Ps. MMCD 4Ps methodology consists of 4 phases, where each phase consists of many sub-phases. 4Ps model has been developed to assure that our clients’ needs and readiness are carefully assessed before proposing stage. 4Phs methodology assures that proposed solutions perfectly match clients’ needs, and delivered based on international level quality standards.

Phase (1): Preliminary Assessment Phase
In this phase, our consultants perform preliminary assessment study checking client’s needs, readiness, and feasibility of implementing our state-of-the-art Competency Based Management Solutions. This phase may cover needs analysis starting from analyzing effectiveness of clients business strategy, organizational culture, motivation, learning, leadership competencies, teams competencies, and overall financial performance. Deliverables of this phase provide strong indicators about client’s needs, readiness and feasibility of proposed solutions.

 Phase (2): Comprehensive Assessment Phase
In this phase, our consultants perform comprehensive assessment study to propose state-of-the-art customized solution that exactly fits our clients’ needs for short, medium and long-term. During this phase, our consultants deeply examines clients’ vision, mission, business strategy, performance management system, organizational competencies, human capital value, and many other external and internal areas. Deliverables of this phase would be detailed technical and financial proposal.

Phase (3): Solution Delivery Phase
In this phase, our consultants start implementing proposed solution. Delivery phase begins with the planning stage where our consultants lay good foundation as the first step in building up proposed solution based on deliverables of Phase (2). Examples of our successfully implemented solutions are Competency-Based Human Capital Management Solution, Competency Based Centralized Project Management Solution, and Competency Based Human Capital Development Solution.

Phase (4): Support Phase
In this phase, our consultants provide unlimited support in overcoming challenges may appear after solution delivery phase. We believe that our consultants should be supporting our clients for considerable period of time after successful delivery to make sure solution is being utilized delivering planned outcomes. We are close partners with our clients maintaining successful solutions. 

For more information please contact us at info@mmcpt.com.jo and we will answer you promptly. Please do not hesitate to ask for conducting “Preliminary Needs Assessment Analysis”; our consultants will be more than happy to help our partners.