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Competency-Based Human Capital Solutions (CBHCS) 

Due to current aggressive global competitive business environment, state-of-the-art technology and mature business modeling structures; organizations find more pressure to keep improving its performance and competitive advantages in order to assure overcoming surviving and renewal challenges.

The potential of an organization's sustainable performance and competitive advantages depends on efficient utilizing of its resources and capabilities through strategic business planning. Business strategies can only be efficiently implemented if organizations’ Human Capital competencies are carefully aligned with its strategic needs. Using traditional task-based (known also as job-based) HR systems will no longer work. There is no other choice left for today’s executives except maximizing efficiency (and hence, value) of their Human Capital Assets.

Efficient Human Capital Management System must be able to employ organizational human resources efficiently to achieve organizational strategic objectives. The simple question here is; how can organizations make sure that its Human Capital Assets are being utilized efficiently? How can organizations make sure that its Human Capital Management System is able to employ human resources to serve its vision, mission and strategic objectives? The answer is easy; by shifting Human Capital Management drivers from traditional “task based (known also as job-based) HR systems” to competency based!

Reengineering traditional task-based HR systems to Competency-Based Human Capital Management System is a breakthrough in maximizing human capital performance. Carefully designed competency frameworks should DRIVE all Human Capital Management System activities efficiently toward achieving organizational strategic objectives; and being ready for future demands and challenges!

 How can we help?

Using our credible 4Ps methodology, our consultants would guarantee best practices for reengineering traditional HR system through successful implementation for our CBHCS (Competency Based Human Capital Solution). Our comprehensive CBHCS covers implementing full system with needed state-of-the-art tools. We developed ARKAN-Suite©, a comprehensive, international level, multilingual, multiuser, web enabled, and scalable software to utilize developed CBHCS. ARKAN-Suite© covers all CBHCS modules starting from developing competency framework, recruitment and selection, Learning and Development, Career and Succession Planning, Performance Management, Rewards and Recognition. Furthermore, we took the initiative of conducting a scientific research to define core management competencies needed for major sectors around MENA region. We proudly provide our services based on our accredited research results!

Competency-Based Project Management Solutions (CBPMS)

Importance of Project Management Competency?
Since Competency-Based Human Capital System ensures efficient utilization of Human Capital Assets; we believe that implementing a centralized competency-based project management system (CBPMS) will ensure efficiency of utilizing non-human capital assets. CBPMS is highly recommended for medium to large scale organizations.

Project management has become a driving, irreplaceable, here-to-stay discipline within organizations. It is a way of doing business that will continue to be inculcated and ingrained into each of our organizations. The methods, systems, and processes related to project management are not cut and dried. They need to be dynamic, scalable, and repeatable. But more important, they need to take every possible creative twist to make them amenable to the people who are required to use them day in and day out.

Project Management Competencies (PMC) both technical and human behavioral, are key to getting the job done. The new awareness that organizations are becoming project driven has heightened the visibility of project management within the business community. This greater visibility brings with it an increasingly larger audience of people who are interested in learning how to work within a project environment. In fact, so many organizations are instituting internal project management implementation initiatives for a variety of reasons, including these:
- Project management is necessary for continued competitive growth within the marketplace.
- Project management is a core competency that has been recognized as critical to support an organization’s internal infrastructure.

Almost by definition, innovation relies on project management! Irrespective of whether the innovation concerns a new product, or a new process, or indeed a contribution to pure science, better project management, on the whole, will see a successful outcome reached more quickly, having consumed fewer resources.

How can we help?

In many organizations, project delays, over spending, resource conflicts and poor project execution make a strategic plan difficult to implement. Adopting common processes and best practices enables organizations to maximize their performance with minimized cost. That way, there is a very little learning curve for the project manager and the team members as they transition from one project to another.

Adopting our 4Ps methodology, we support our partners by building a very mature and reliable centralized project and program management systems using Primavera software.  Centralized project management solution enables the organization to drive a larger number of projects with the same amount of resources.

Solid “International Level” support?
Being the exclusive strategic partner for a worldwide global project management organization, the International Association of Program and Project Management (IAPPM, New Jersey, USA) is adding considerable value to our CBPMS by allowing our consultants and managers to enhance their knowledge, skills and practical abilities using latest tools and methodologies being applied successfully worldwide. IAPPM is a leading project and program organization representing thousands of individual members in more than 30 countries. Membership is comprised of all levels of business professionals, executives, analysts, management and practitioners--all of whom are dedicated to the promotion of advanced project, program and portfolio governance, control and management. Uniquely positioned and equipped to be one of the best providers of leading edge products and services, IAPPM is the harmonizing source for best practices and practical international standards.

Competency-Based Development programs (CBDP)

We add real value through our methodology?
One of our specialties is providing Competency-Based customized development programs applying state-of-the-art practices, knowledge, skills, methodologies and tools being applied successfully in practical field. To achieve this end, we ensure that our customers receive unlimited support on the application of experiences gained during and after development programs. Our experts continue to provide needed support after delivery. Our methodology in CBDP can be summarized as follows:

1- Identify: In his phase our consultants perform the following:
- Review Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives
- Assess learning curve
- Assess learning styles to be taken in consideration while customizing the training materials
- Define core areas (competencies) that need to be developed and – or customized in training materials, exercises and business cases
2- Develop: In this phase our consultants perform the following:
- Define number of trainees, types of classes based on seniority level
- Customize training materials, exercises and business cases to develop needed Competency Clusters
3- Implement:
The delivery of the Our programs are highly interactive workshops supported by a range of accelerated learning techniques and learning resources that are utilized including; case studies, questionnaires, interview practice, practical analysis, facilitated group discussion and trainer led learning transfer.
4- Evaluate:
In this stage our consultants follow up delivered programs to make sure development objectives are being applied successfully.

How can we help?

Using our added-value methodology, our consultants would guarantee best practices during analyzing, development, and delivery of programs. We provide unlimited after-delivery support to make sure development objectives are being applied successfully.

Internationally Certified Programs (ICP)

The International Association for Project and Program Management (IAPPM)
As a worldwide global project management organization, the International Association of Program and Project Management (IAPPM, New Jersey, USA) is adding considerable value to project management community by allowing managers to enhance their knowledge, skills and practical abilities using the right tools and methodologies.

IAPPM exists to educate business professionals in all facets of project and program business management through examination and ongoing education. It exists to promote the value of Certified Project Managers to business and industry and to insure that all CPM's in good standing have access to the most current business management insight available.

IAPPM is taking excellent steps forward to achieve its mission by facilitating project management competency-building process through training, certification, continuing education, and professional development programs that will enable participants to excel in the new era of global business. IAPPM provides the highest quality, most comprehensive and practical study materials, training classes, seminars and review courses.

IAPPM addresses the real practical needs of today’s project and program community and our certification products are designed to complement existing specialty certifications and are excellent for those embarking on a career in project or program management.

IAPPM Project & Program Management Certification Framework
The quality and growing recognition of IAPPM's 3 level multi-level certification system is one of the most important reasons why project and program professionals turn to IAPPM for their certification needs. We recognize the fact that not all practitioners and applicants have the same level of experience and proficiency when it comes down to business analysis, project and program management and portfolio management.

In today’s competitive and globalized economy, business leaders understand the benefits of a professional manager brings, including an effective utilization of resources such as time, money, people, clear direction, adaptability of changes, effective communications, and assurance of quality deliverables at minimal risk. Finding individuals with this broad range of expertise is challenging, which is why project management skills are highly valued in today’s workforce.

As organizations and individuals recognize the value of project and program management, certifications in this professional domain are becoming increasingly valuable. IAPPM CERTIFICATION will go a long way toward enhancing employment and/or project assignment responsibilities.

IAPPM is fully committed to the promotion of the professionalism in project and program management. With the three-level certified project and program management credentials: Certified Project Professional (CPP), Certified Project Manager (CPM), and Certified Project Director (CPD).

Obtaining an IAPPM professional credential provides analyst, project, program, portfolio managers- including stakeholders a distinct advantage not only in increasing visibility in team-oriented environments, but also accessing new opportunities for future career progression and advancement.

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